Featuring Modern-Day senior citizen Models

The Action to Make it happen

Tut - Producer

Is Founder  & CEO. Has extensive fashion show production experience since 1988  and is responsible for show production, design, and scripting.  She is Fashion Theatre Creator, Runway Coach, and scene coordinator, ensuring all models display proper runway etiquette while struttin'.  A 3-time alumna of Clark Atlanta University and active member of Delta Sigma Theta  Sorority, Inc.  She Slays!
Callie - Director

Oversees show operations, backstage management, and directs the flow of the show. She ensures models follow choreography scripts and train production assistants. In addition, she manages social media relations. She is an alumna of Albany State University, an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and the Founder & CEO of iHoop, LLC (www.ihoopllc.com) and CalliECO, LLC.
Nick - Senior Dance Choreographer

Known as Big Daddy, Nick is retired, but not tired.  He is "The Face" of Seniors On The Runway and assists with training male models, coordinates the show's Old School Set, choreographs dances and performances, and engages crowd participation on tours.  Works directly with ATP entertainment groups Sophisticated Ladies, The Gents, and Boys in the Band.  He is from Jacksonville, FL, and has been a dance choreographer since the late 1960s.

Tamika - Model Operations

Is the direct point of contact for model onboarding. She manages all operations for models including scheduling potential models for model auditions. Her scope expands into coordinating models for training, practices, and rehearsals. In addition, she oversees selling merchandise on the day of the show. She is from Jacksonville, FL, and is an experienced model.
Jordan - Artist/Production Assistant

Was born in 2008 and is a self-taught artist. He started a business in 2016 named Jordan Ross Art & Stuff. In addition, he found an opportunity to be a vendor at the shows and created Jordan's Snack Shack. He has and plans to continue to use proceeds towards breast cancer causes. This young entrepreneur also assists with the show production and supports the models. Has experience in backstage management and vendor relations.
DJ Bad - Musical Director

Is a highly sought-after DJ and the official DJ for Another TUT Production since 1991.  Oversees the music, music theme,  and audiovisual for the show tours.  He is an alum of Clark Atlanta University and the Founder of SPREAD Jeans.