Featuring Modern-Day senior citizen Models

                                                                    Just When You Thought It Was Safe...EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! 

Another TUT Production features Seniors On The Runway - Fashion Theatre At Its Best!

Since 2006, Another TUT Production has produced senior fashion entertainment shows to showcase other abilities and talents of the 55 years and older population.  Seniors STRUT, showing just how beautiful it is to age!

What is Seniors On The Runway? 

Seniors On The Runway is a multi-city fashion entertainment production show featuring an all senior citizens modeling cast. 

What is Fashion Theatre? 

Fashion Theatre is a concept Tut uses to describe her creative vision of placing the visual art of runway fashion on a theatre stage blended with live entertainment and engaged audience participation.  Models present scripted and unscripted choreographed lines to showcase their fashions in scenes that tell their fashion stories. 

How can seniors become a part of the movement?

We've made the process simple for seniors. Throughout the year, Another TUT Production host model searches, auditions, and casting calls in various cities. Modern day seniors are selected, provided professional modeling training (at no cost to the senior) and provided a script.  Models rehearse their lines for the show and then set the town on fire with surprise pop up fashion shows to promote the production.   Seniors should visit this websit often to see when and where casting will take place.

Why we do it? 

Another TUT Production value seniors and want to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate them, giving them a chance to STRUT their stories. 

We Glamourize Aging!

every day is a good day to strut

Are you ready?

Runway fashions are showcased on stages and clothes are provided by consignment shops, fashion boutiques, department stores, designers, and senior models.

Senior models are selected to be a part of Another TUT Production's lip synching and dance groups The Sophisticated Ladies, The Gents, or Boys in the Band and perform hit songs like the 'Best of my Love' by the Emotions or Cheryl Lynn's 'To Be Real'. 

Another TU Production's dance choreographer, born in 1948, encourages crowd participation in the Old Skool Set segment of the show.  There is no intermission,  just entertainment with a live DJ and a whole lot of dancing in the aisles.

Since 2014, Seniors On the Runway have toured annually  in various cities near you.  In a location  where there is a show, senior citizens of that city have an opportunity  to audition  to be casted as one of the models.

Local  'modern day' senior models are professionally trained  and  they join Atlanta senior models' strut on the runway.  Be on the lookout for a show tour in your city.

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Fashion speaks at any age!

Aged 55 years and older

Seniors are professionally trained to strut on the runway  and are featured in annual

multi-city fashion entertainment show tours.